National Rums of Jamaica 2007 Long Pond TECC 11 Year – 62.5%

National Rums of Jamaica 2007 Long Pond TECC 11 Year – 62.5%

Stats: Independent Bottling of Long Pond rum from Jamaica that was distilled in a double retort pot still in 2007 following a fermentation process involving dunder and muck, aged 11 years at origin. This release comes from a stock of 11 barrels that produced 3325 bottles at 62% ABV, boasting an ester level of 1500-1700 gr/hlpa, making it Tilston Estate Continental ‘C’ (TECC), their highest ester mark.

Source: 1 oz sample provided by a generous rum friend.

Conditions: Enjoyed neat in a Glencairn over the course of a single session.

Nose: Tropical fruit explosion, tons of cinnamon bark, tar, honey. Negligible heat or harshness. Vanilla custard, creme brûlée, green apple, bitter grapefruit.

Mouth: Rich, oily. Loads of tannin laden oak, vanilla, cinnamon, clove. Trashy pot still funk, diesel. A little heat presents itself. Lots of meaty/gaminess, strawberry, pineapple. Tobacco and charred meat lingers forever.

Final thoughts: Vibrant, fruity notes overtook the room when I poured this into glass. I fully intended to enjoy this over 2-3 sessions but once it touched my lips I couldn’t stop myself from finishing it all. It’s super rich and decadent, showcasing a cornucopia of flavors on a spectrum very few exceptional rums can deliver. It’s super expressive and gamey, almost like a multi-course meal with flavors that stick around forever. Absolutely splendid and the first Long Pond I’ve really connected with. I’m super sad that I’ve been sitting on this sample for about a couple years now and just got around to tasting it as I’m sure it will be extremely difficult and/or expensive to get my hands on a bottle at this point.

My Rating: 5/5

My Scale:
1 – I don’t want this in my mouth ever again
2 – Underwhelming
3 – Decent tipple
4 – Very enjoyable
5 – I always want a bottle of this on my shelf

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