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I’m always interested in swapping for unique rum expressions, with particular interest in unadulterated, cask strength independent bottlings, especially from Jamaica and Guyana. Below is a partial list of my collection. Please send me your trade list if you see anything you want.

Last Updated 1/15/23

Appleton Hearts Collection 1994

Appleton Hearts Collection 1995

Appleton Hearts Collection 1999

Appleton 21

Appleton Joy

Barrell: Tale of Two Islands (8 Year Hampden w/ Islay Finish)

Black Tot: Last Consignment (Royal Navy Rum)

Black Tot: Master Blenders Reserve 2021

Blackadder Guyana 10 Year (Port Mourant)

Blackadder Guyana 15 Year (Port Mourant) 

Cadenhead Panama 10 Year

Chairman’s Reserve 1931 (Continuous)

Chairman’s Reserve John Dore 9 Year Brandy Cask (Austin Rum Society Pick)

Charley’s JB Jamaica Overproof “Trelawny Blend”

Clairin Casimir

Clairin Le Rocher

Clairin Sajous

Clairin Vaval

Clement 10 Year

Clement Cask Collection

Clement Homere

Clement XO

Coruba (Pre-2000 Bottling/Formula)

Damoiseau VSOP

Doctor Bird

Down Island Barbados (Foursquare 2002 Pot Still)

Down Island Barbados (Foursquare 2011)

Down Island Jamaica (Hampden 2012)

Down Island Jamaica (Worthy Park 2013)

Faultline Guyana 20 Year (Labelled Savalle, I believe this is actually PM) 

Faultline Guyana 25 Year (Enmore) 

Foursquare 2004

Foursquare 2005

Foursquare 2007

Foursquare 2008

Foursquare 2009

Foursquare 2010

Foursquare Criterion 

Foursquare Detente

Foursquare Dominus

Foursquare Master Series No 1

Foursquare Premise

Foursquare Principia (Velier)

Foursquare Sagacity

Foursquare Triptych (Velier)

The Funk (Worthy Park)

Golden Devil 1998 Guadeloupe 19 Year (Bellevue)

Golden Devil 2001 Jamaica 19 Year (C<>H Hampden)

Golden Devil 2007 Jamaica 12 Year (<>H Hampden)

Hamilton 2008 Guyana 13 Year Port Mourant (Austin Rum Society barrel pick)

Hamilton 2006 St Lucia 8 Year

Hampden 46% (7 Year)

Hampden DOK (Aficionados)

Hampden Endemic Bird Series: Euphonia (TX release)

Hampden Great House 2021

Hampden Overproof (7 Year)

Habitation Velier Worthy Park 151

Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007

Holmes Cay 2012 Australia 10 Year (Beenleigh)

Holmes Cay 2006 Barbados 14 Year (Foursquare)

Holmes Cay 2006 Belize 16 Year (Travelers)

Holmes Cay 2004 Fiji 17 Year (South Pacific)

Holmes Cay 2003 Guyana 18 Year (Uitvlugt)

Holmes Cay 2007 Jamaica 15 Year (Long Pond ITP)

Holmes Cay 2014 Jamaica 8 Year (Clarendon EMB)

Holmes Cay 2005 Mauritius 15 Year (Grays)

Impex Collection 2007 Jamaica 14 Year (Long Pond)

La Favorite Coeur de Canne 50%

Lemon Hart 80 (Yellow Label)

Lemon Hart 151 (Yellow Label)

Lemon Hart 151 (Red Label)

Monymusk Classic Gold

Mount Gay Extra Old (90s? Bottling)

Mount Gay XO (Allen Smith bottling)

Neisson Blanc 50%

Neisson Eleve Sous Bois

Neisson L’Esprit 70%

Neisson Organic 52.5%

Neisson Reserve Speciale

Old Sam Demerara

Paranubes Blanco

Pere Labat 59%

Privateer Queen’s Share (P393 – 55.1% Smugglers Cove Barrel Pick)

Privateer 2007 Rum Consumers Alliance #1 5 Year

Pussers Gunpowder Proof

Rare Cane 2001 Jamaica 20 Year (Hampden)

Real McCoy 12 Year

Real McCoy 14 Year

Rhum Bielle 59%

Rhum JM Single Barrel (Binny’s)

Rhum JM Single Barrel (Lost Lake)

Rhum JM VO


Rhumb Runner 2004 Guyana 13 Year (Versailles, 71.5%)

Rhumb Runner 1999 Trinidad 18 Year (Fernandes, 67.3%)

Rivers Antoine 69%

Ron Cubay Anejo

Royal Jamaican 12 Year (Monymusk)

Rum Bar White Overproof (Worthy Park)

Rum Fire (Hampden)

Saint James Extra Old

Saint James Royal Amber

Samaroli 2002 Demerara (wooden pot still, either Versailles or PM)

Savanna HERR

Scarlet Ibis

Sea Wynd (Jamaica/Guyana)

Smooth Ambler Revelation 1990 Jamaica

Skipper Demerara

Stolen Overproof (Hampden)

Trader Vic Royal Amber

Transcontinental 2014 Fiji 5 Year (Red Label)

Transcontinental 2004 Guyana 14 Year (Versailles)

Transcontinental Jamaica Dunder Rolls (Hampden)

Worthy Park 12 Year

Worthy Park 13 Year (Florida Rum Society Gemini Barrel, WPM)

Worthy Park Single Estate Reserve

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