Rum Education!

We are proud to be a founding partner of the Rum Consumers Alliance, a coalition of rum clubs across the US collaborating to raise awareness and understanding of the category of rum through education and advocacy with transparency at the forefront of our agenda. Check out the RCA website for more info.

Austin Rum Society hosts monthly tastings with top rum brands and producers, which are open to all members. Additionally, ARS offers guided, educational, private and group tastings for those at any stage of their rum journey. Below are options that can be customized and catered to meet your needs and preferences. Please contact us for pricing, scheduling, and other details.

Beginners Course
Overview: Rum is the most diverse, dynamic and misunderstood spirit in the world. Derived from the byproduct of the sugarcane plant (technically a grass), there are no universal guidelines for how it should be produced. That does not mean rum completely lacks regulation. In fact, certain heritage producing countries have stringent criteria to ensure the creation of a distinct product of that region (think: Scotch, Cognac, etc). Countless factors can contribute to the style and flavor of a rum. This class will help you navigate this massive, confusing category and set you on a path of discovery and understanding.

Topics Covered: Origins of rum. Common misconceptions. Age statements. Transparency. Categorization.

Guided Tasting: Appleton 12 (Jamaica). El Dorado 12 (Guyana). Doorly’s 12 (Barbados).

Additional Exercise: Color classification is commonly used to describe rum, yet this system lacks substance. Here we will explore three “white” rums with wildly different characteristics to illustrate colors meaningless bearing on rum.

Intermediate Course
Overview: This class is for those who understand the fundamentals and wish to expand their horizons and appreciation for rum. We will dive into the impact that various production processes such as fermentation, distillation, aging, and blending have on the final outcome, plus explore styles of rum from locales as far and wide as the South Pacific and Indian Ocean, as well as those with specialty cask finishes and elevated ABVs.

Topics Covered: Production process from grass to glass. Rum premiumization. Independent Bottlers. Barrel types.

Guided Tasting: Transcontinental Rum Lines 5 Year Fiji (Rum cask). Holmes Cay 15 Year Mauritius (Cognac cask). Chairman’s Reserve 9 Year St. Lucia (Brandy cask). Foursquare Redoutable 14 Year Barbados (Madeira Cask). Rums subject to change based on group preferences and availability. Other options available from Haiti, Martinique, Panama, Guyana, Jamaica, and many more.

Advanced Course
Overview: This is for the more adventurous enthusiasts who have already tasted rum from around the world, know their preferences, and are seeking cask strength, high ester, 100% pot still, single cask, or long aged, unique expressions. This is a great opportunity to sample rare and sought after rums and dive deeper into nerdy production details.

Topics Covered: Dunder + Muck. Sourcing of barrels. Tropical vs. Continental maturation.

Guided Tasting: This will vary greatly based on participants prior exposure, preferences, and budget and can run the gamut from heavy pot still Jamaican to heritage wooden still rums from Guyana, and far beyond. We can explore various independent bottlings from the likes of Velier, Golden Devil, Samaroli, Holmes Cay, Cadenhead, Rhumb Runner, and more.

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