Rare Cane Jamaica 2001 Cask Strength Pot Still Rum (Hampden) – 57.6%

Rare Cane Jamaica 2001 Cask Strength Pot Still Rum (Hampden) – 57.6%

Stats: Inaugural release from independent bottler Rare Cane out of Washington state. This is a single cask expression of Hampden pot distillate from 2001 that aged in oak for 20 years in the UK and was released at cask strength, 57.6%, without additives or chill filtration. The ester mark is not disclosed, but I’ve had other 2001 Hampdens that were <>H (900-1000 gr/hL), and that seems accurate based on the profile.

Background: I spotted this on K&L’s website in spring 2022 and something about this no frills label with all the juicy details I love provoked me to take a chance on it.

Conditions: Enjoyed neat in a Glencairn over the course of several sessions.

Nose: Fresh banana, mango, churros, clove, olive juice, cherry, graham cracker, a nice savoriness

Mouth: Overripe fruit bouquet, pen ink, molasses, dusted cinnamon, black pepper, ash, cherries, blueberry muffin, Elmer’s glue, anise, heavy oak, candied pecans, savory marinated meat

Final Thoughts: This is super delicious. A home run out of the gate for this bottler. There are no harsh or disagreeable notes. It’s not too hard to wrap my mind around, just full of complexity and a delight to sip. The only thing keeping me from buying a backup is that it appears to be sold out.

My Rating: 5/5

My Scale:
1 – I don’t want this in my mouth ever again
2 – Underwhelming
3 – Decent tipple
4 – Very enjoyable
5 – I always want a bottle of this on my shelf

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