Holmes Cay Mauritius 2005 Grays 15 Year – 50%

Holmes Cay Mauritius 2005 Grays 15 Year – 50%

Stats: Independent bottling of a 2005 column distillate from Grays Distilling LTD in Pamplemousses, Mauritius, part of East Africa in the Indian Ocean. It aged for 15 years in ex-Cognac casks in tropical weather and was bottled at 50% ABV with no additives. This was a private barrel selected by the Barrel Seekers for the Barrels and Bottles Foundation in Dallas. Cask #44.

Nose: Red grapefruit, grilled pineapple, cinnamon, clove, brown sugar, vanilla frosting, furniture polish

Mouth: Bitter grapefruit, tobacco, clove, cracked pepper, nutmeg, macadamias, motor oil, rotting wood, trashy funk, stale coffee, prune juice, toast, Pine Sol. Very dry with a good amount of heat. Slight Robitussin.

Final Thoughts: The grapefruit note on the nose and palate is so wild. Don’t think I’ve ever gotten that from any other rum and here it is displayed in spades, and it lingers long. The rum is so expressive and unique, presenting a heavy character I’d more associate with pot distillation. The proof is such that it is approachable and you can sustain multiple pours in one sitting. Very happy to have a back up in the collection as this is one I’ll miss dearly when its gone.

My Rating: 5

My Scale:
1 – I don’t want this in my mouth ever again
2 – Underwhelming
3 – Decent tipple
4 – Very enjoyable
5 – I always want a bottle on my shelf

One response to “Holmes Cay Mauritius 2005 Grays 15 Year – 50%”

  1. […] Holmes Cay 2005 Mauritius Grays 15 YearThis was a barrel pick from a Dallas non-profit that is absolutely stunning. Aged 15 years in Cognac casks and bottled at 50%, it packs a serious flavor punch and a profile like no other. I get a very distinct bitter grapefruit note, which is not just power of suggestion from being distilled in a city called Pamplemousse. The moderate ABV allows me to sit down with more than one pour in the evening, and I’ve probably shared this rum with more people than any other last year because I think it’s so perfect and approachable. I’m just dreading the day I kill my last bottle. […]


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